A Q&A with travelling yoga teacher Delamay Devi, who tells us about her life on the road and her unique teacher training offerings.


Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m a traveling gypsy yoga teacher whose location changes with the seasons! I was in Byron Bay, Australia for the month of May for my teacher trainings and spending time with family, then I’ll head to Europe for the summer and Thailand for my retreat in September before landing back in the beautiful and creative bubble of Bali where I seem to spend a majority of my time these days.

When did you qualify and where do you teach?

I completed my first official yoga teacher training in 2007 while I was living and teaching dance in Brighton, UK. Fast forward to today, my teaching takes me all over the globe and I feel incredibly blessed to connect with different yoga communities on retreat and during festivals, workshops and trainings in a variety of countries including Spain, Turkey, Italy, France, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Bali, New Zealand and Australia.


What’s the most helpful piece of business advice you’ve ever received? 

I find it challenging to separate my business from my passion because they really are one and the same. When I began transitioning into teaching yoga I felt very confident because i had already been teaching dance for 10+ years, but soon realised teaching yoga is a very different modality and language. After reading many books and committing to many workshops and trainings to help find my voice in the world of yoga the words “teach from a place of personal experience and embodiment” from my long time teacher, mentor and friend Shiva Rea really turned the light on for me and I was able to truly step into my power as a yoga teacher.

When starting out and trying to find your voice it is easy to copy or mimic others (we all do in the beginning and it’s also common in the dance world) but to be able to actually transmit your teachings authentically it requires you to be fully present with yourself and practice, learn from your own experience and embodiment of yoga. Plus your students will see your light shining through in the process.

During the practice teaching sessions in my trainings we talk about this a lot and experiment with copying / mirroring each other so people have first hand experience of being at the receiving end of their own language and instructions. People always leave feeling very empowered and confident with how they communicate their practice when teaching and have the tools to continue and refine this skill at home.


What business focused resources would you recommend to yoga teachers and why?

I personally love Rebekah Shaman’s full and new moon reports as they help me navigate through the highs and lows each month with the knowledge of what is happening astrologically. I prefer to follow the natural cycles of the seasons and the moon and base my work around this as it adds a little more magic and cosmic intervention! For example just before Mercury is about to retrograde it is a perfect time to back up your computer in case of any technology glitches (which is more than likely) and it is a reminder not to take anything personally during those three weeks because all communications will be a little funky.

Insight Timer is a wonderful app which helps me wind down after a busy day or week, they offer a great range of pre recorded guided meditations and talks from well known and not so known teachers. As I am still in the process of manifesting an awesome PA – I do all my own admin, emails, social media etc. This means when I am not teaching I am pretty much strapped to my computer planning my next 6 months of work so having a tool like Insight Timer gives me the opportunity to rest and restore as and when I need to. 

I also love listening to authentic motivational speakers to help keep myself on track and focused on the bigger picture. Ted Talks / Ted X is great for this as they feature incredible masters, teachers, authors, entrepreneurs and scientists with a vast array of knowledge on all kinds of topics such as nutrition, work ethics, politics, the nervous system and so much more!


What do you know now about making ends meet as a yoga teacher that you wished you had known when you started teaching?

Know your worth and do not be afraid to ask for a fair exchange for your time and energy. There are a lot of teaching opportunities and invitations in the world today for yoga teachers but the exchange isn’t normally a monetary one. Starting out you will want to say yes to every teaching opportunity that comes your way, which is great as you need the experience. In the beginning being offered a full ticket to the festival you are teaching at, meal tickets or even accommodation and board for contributing to the event may seem like fun (and it is!) but ultimately you need to decide if it is a fair exchange for your time and energy especially if you have rent and bills to pay.

What are you most excited about now?

So many things! I have multiple projects on the go at any one time which includes Devi Designs, my jewellery and clothing range! I always love my time in the UK and Europe, this summer I am and offering some unique and inspirational events in London and Sussex.

In alignment with my yoga mentorship program i offer a Refine Your Art yoga retreat each year at different and powerfully charged spot on the planet. Last year it was Ibiza and this September we are going to Koh Samui, Thailand! We will be sleeping in gorgeous eco rooms a few steps from the beach, eating organic and high vibrational food, receiving massages plus there will be time for snorkeling and exploring the night markets and tropical surrounds of the island.


This retreat is one of a kind, along with twice daily yoga classes there is sun rise Qi Gong plus dedicated practice labs and study sessions where we cover different aspects of what’s involved when being a student or teacher of yoga regardless of where you are on your path. During the practice labs and study sessions we focus on a wide range of topics from deepening our understanding of living yoga on and off the mat to marketing strategies for your business, creating new logos, practicing hands on assists, learning how to be guided by our intuition and teach from the heart, getting comfortable with social media, writing about our avatars, crafting workshops, writing blog posts and so much more!

Before each retreat we send out an in-depth questionnaire to collect information about what each individual would like to work on and then write up a manual based on this. The Refine Your Art retreats are like no other and truly designed for you to take all the tools you have cultivated and use them to their full potential in a supportive and inspirational environment. Here is a video of our journey last year in Ibiza and information about the retreat coming up in Thailand can be found hereFor anyone reading this that wants to join us make sure you quote TPOY for a $100 discount!

Where can we find you? 

To see where i am on a monthly basis visit my website www.delamaydevi.comTo connect on social media you can find my pages at the following links on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
For my Devi Designs collection of jewellery and clothing visit the website, or these Facebook and Instagram profiles.