Chrissy Carter has led over 25 yoga teacher training programs for YogaWorks in New York City, where she is based. Having taught for over 14 years herself she has learned a lot about how to make a career out of yoga teaching both in her own experience and through mentoring other teachers. Chrissy left behind her life as a Wall St trader to pursue her passion.

In our conversation below she shares her thoughts topics ranging from translating your passion into your craft, the importance of widening your yoga practice and exposure, some highly effective practical ways to refine your skills as a teacher and many more…

We keep saying this, but this is a must listen conversation for any yoga teacher, new or experienced. (Well we stand behind the quality and depth of what we create!). Listen now below.

Note: there is a known widespread issue with some iPhones accessing audio files, if you cannot see the player above then please click here to listen to or download the conversation.

You can find Chrissy teaching in New York City, her schedule is on her website here. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook by following those links. Our thanks to the wonderful Jordana Reim for introducing us to Chrissy.