Those were the words from Krissy Jones to fellow yoga teacher Chloe Kernaghan, barely 2 months after Krissy had semi-jokingly added “open a yoga studio” to her New Year’s 2015 resolutions list! The pair co-founded New York City’s Sky Ting Yoga, quickly built a close-knit community and they have already opened the doors to their second NYC studio.

They’ve been featured in Vogue, Well + Good and in many other places and it feels like this is just the start for Sky Ting as a movement. We had the pleasure of speaking with Chloe to find out how they’ve done so much in a short space of time in a city already packed with yoga studios. If you have any interest in opening a studio or if it’s your dream, this is a must listen chat! (Niraj’s note: I highly recommend visiting these guys in NYC, it’s a special place).

Listen to or download our 30 minute conversation below:

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You can connect with Chloe, Krissy & Sky Ting via their website, Facebook & Instagram profiles.

Chloe (left) and Krissy (right) at Sky Ting's Chinatown studio

Chloe (left) and Krissy (right) at Sky Ting’s Chinatown studio