A Q&A with one of London’s up and coming newer yoga teachers

Image: Natasha Wynn

Image: Natasha Wynn

Tell us a little about yourself…

My name is Lauryn Allman and I am a Canadian actress, writer and yoga teacher. I moved to London three years ago. It had been a lifelong dream to live in the UK and I have not been disappointed!

When did you qualify and where do you teach?

I qualified in February of 2016 and cover classes all over London. You can find me more regularly at Slice Fitness in Parsons Green as well as teaching for Blue Cow Yoga and Method.There are a few other things in the works and I post my schedule weekly on instagram for those who are keen to find me and see where I pop up next.

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What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received? 

The best business advice I have ever been given is “Get the money. Get the money. Get the money!” I know this makes most yogis let alone most people cringe but, stick with me here!

I’m not talking about being gluttonous and greedy. I am talking about standing up for your worth and ensuring that you get paid for your efforts. I have always believed that if artists and yogis don’t look at themselves as a small business, they are making a huge mistake.

Making sure that employers pay you (and on time!) is so important. Equally, being timely with the writing and sending of your invoices is critical. I’m not saying don’t volunteer or give your services for free where and when it feels right for you. What I am saying is that to value yourself, with £ or $, is self-care and self-love.

Think of how much more relaxed, present and energetic you are when you aren’t worrying about money. Knowing that your finances are organised and taken care of makes you feel more grounded and therefore much more brilliant, present and able to serve your students.

Image: Natasha Wynn

Image: Natasha Wynn

What business focused resources would you recommend and why?

My friend Suzanne’s podcast Yoga Crush is an absolute gold mine! You can also sign up on her website for her 4 pillars hand out. This tool helps bring focus to your yoga business and shares the secrets of success common among top yoga teachers.

Schmoozing and networking are another two words that make most yogis want to curl up and die but are so important. What if I told you I could help make this fun as opposed to vomit inducing?

The incredible thing about being a yoga teacher is that going to class is personal development and community building. By going to class, meeting different teachers at different studios, meeting other students, you are effortlessly building community i.e. network.

My biggest tip would be “Don’t feel like you have to talk to people you aren’t drawn to”.

It is always better to be authentic. If you liked someone’s class, go tell them at the end and introduce yourself at the same time. Since you already like this person go back to their class so you can enjoy it again. Make a point of saying hi to them and remind them of your name and the last time you met.  Then follow them on social media. Go to one of their workshops or events. Suddenly you aren’t schmoozing someone but supporting them.

If you take the attention off of yourself and what you can get and put the attention onto the other person and what you can give, you’ll have a lot more fun and allow things to be much more organic.

Image: Luke Ayling

Image: Luke Ayling

What do you know now that you wished you had known when you started teaching yoga?

I’ll throw it all the way back to when I began my career as an actor, leaving theatre school at 21 years old.

I wish I would have known that it’s ok to pursue more than one interest or passion. That just because I didn’t start landing acting gigs right out of the gate, didn’t mean that I was terrible or never going to make it. That pursuing other loves, like yoga, didn’t make me less of an artist just as giving all of my focus to starting my yoga business now doesn’t mean that I’ll never create or perform again. That you don’t have to choose or “give up.”

Some people do choose to let go of one career to pursue another and if that is the right choice for you, that’s wonderful. However, I would encourage people to think of it more as a shifting of focus. Right now, yoga is in sharp focus and acting/writing is more soft focus. At some point that will switch but even more wonderfully, sometimes both come into clear focus all at the same time. It’s exciting to me to see how I can weave my skills and interests together and use all of them in harmony.

Image: Luke Ayling

Image: Luke Ayling

What are you most excited about now?

Life! As cheesy as that sounds, it’s true. If you remain open to where it will take you, so many surprising opportunities open up. I never thought that I would be teaching yoga full time but here I am and I am loving it!

Where can we find you?

Online on Instagram @lauryneallman and on my Facebook group. In the real world teaching at Slice FitnessBlue Cow Yoga for Heartcore and Method

Lauryn and Niraj (TPOY) at Method

Lauryn and Niraj (TPOY) at Method