The Present of Yoga is a non-profit project that exists to serve the yoga community. Our mission is to empower yoga teachers, professionals and entrepreneurs to improve their businesses and therefore their ability to reach more people, more effectively.

We do this through creating feature articles and interviews that highlight the stories and experiences of fellow yoga leaders around the world, using our insights to draw out proven and effective business skills and knowledge.

You can read more about how this came about and some of the thinking behind it in this opening editorial.

Our values are to share stories, empower leaders, highlight usable actionable information and to build a global connection platform. Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that the world today needs more than ever, at the same time it is now a global multibillion dollar commercialised industry. We consciously choose to acknowledge both of these realities.

Our long term goal is to bring more people to this incredible practice and philosophy. This is our starting point. We see this as an creative project and a response to multiple requests to build it. on the rare occasion that we stand to benefit if you purchase the products and services we feature, we will be sure to mention it.

Demystifying business for yogis